Hey there! I’m Kim!

World traveller (8 countries so far!), bicycle rider, yoga stretcher, essential oil drink master, mom, wife, and want-to-be green thumb gardener (so I can ferment my own organic foods!).

For most my life, I thought I was pretty “healthy”. I was your average young adult going to the doctor whenever I felt sick, getting a medication, feeling better, then back to the doctor again in a few months.

Much of my family is in the healthcare industry & they all went to see doctors whenever they were sick.

It’s normal…

It’s common…

It’s what almost killed me…

When I speak with people, almost 100% of the time people tell me that the modern healthcare system is failing them. If it’s not working, what are our other options?

Umm… wait for it…

How about what our ancestors used for thousands of years before modern medicine came around?

It’s called using nature.

Once I started using nature’s purest gift of essential oils, my body started healing. I was VERY skeptical at first, but when you run out of options, you’re willing to try anything!

I actually went to my specialist to discharge myself and and she looked at me and said she has NEVER discharged any of her patients. She wanted to know what I was doing.

And of course I showed her everything!

Her response?

“It all makes sense. You’ll come back if you ever start feeling sick again, right (cha-$-ching)?”

After that doctor’s visit, I asked God why he chose ME to go through so much pain & suffering (I literally could not walk more than a couple steps, eat or drink!).

God replied, “Heal”.

I listened.

“I was born to change the world. To improve the quality of our food, healthcare and environment.

My dream? To change agricultural practices by investing in a plot of nutrient-deprived land and remineralizing the soil to grow the most nutrient-dense, delicious foods EVER!

When others see how prosperous the nutrient-deprived land has become, they may shift their thinking when it comes to agriculture. Education has the power to change the world!”

-Kim San Juan

If you’re looking for answers, you’ll want someone with knowledge to point you in the right direction.

Supplements, essential oils, diffusers, non-toxic cleaners? Where do you even start?!

Gah! I don’t even know!

Just kidding!

I help others going through all kinds of health issues! I never charge you ANY-THING.

My life is dedicated to helping the world “Heal”.

Ready to change your life?

Let’s keep in touch! Follow me on Instagram & Facebook to keep up with all my new adventures with food, essential oils & health news. I’d love to hear your health stories too! Message me & let’s chat!

Many blessings for a Happy, Healthy, Gut Life!


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