How To Rock Your Health This Year

If you are sick of always feeling anxious, bloated, tired or just crumby, watch this video!

What if you could change your whole life around?

I firmly believe Hippocrates was 100% correct when he stated, “All disease begins in the gut”.

Yeah, Hippocrates was SO 400 BC, but what a heck-of-a-guy! Considered the father of modern medicine, he knew that what we are exposed to dictated how our bodies would respond. If we nourished our bodies with healthy bacteria, food, and physical activity, our bodies thrived & was able ward off many illnesses.

Consider your environment for a minute (or two!).

Let’s start with the beginning of your day when you first wake up in the morning.

You gain consciences slowly & roll your head around on your pillowcase.

Let me ask you: What did you wash your bedding with? Laundry soap, fabric softener & dryer sheets?

Next you head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee & croissant (or donut!).

Let me ask you: Did you wash your hands before picking up that croissant? If so, did you use antibacterial soap? Building up some antibiotic resistance, eh?

Is your croissant organic? If not, what chemicals were sprayed on the wheat harvested? Where the cows fed genetically modified crops sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc. to make the croissant oh so buttery?

How about that cup of coffee? Do you trust the makers of that coffee? Or do you rely heavily on what others drink around you? Or maybe you give into the sentimental marketing?

Next up you head over to the bathroom where you jump into the shower. You have a few options for shampoos depending on your scalp condition for the day. What do you choose?

How about a soap? Will that $2 bottle of liquid body soap do it for today? And every day?

Oh, and you need to shave. What’s in that shaving bottle anyway?

So you hop out of the shower, fully immersed in heavily marketed products having been absorbed partially into your skin. Now what?

Time to brush those pearly whites!

Oh wait! Did you read the directions of the back of the sensitive toothpaste bottle? Did you just read that right?

You have to be 12 years old+ to use this toothpaste otherwise you should consult a dentist or physician! Wait… what?!

If a baby shouldn’t be using this toothpaste, why should YOU be using it?

Do you SMELL that? You have a wall plug-in air freshener AND a candle warmer?! Hold up there!

Go over to, start typing in all the products you use during the day to see their toxicity levels. You’ll be (maybe) surprised to see how toxic those “fresheners” really are! How are these even LEGAL to sell?

Would you be willing to protest EVERY SINGLE STORE that sells these “air fresheners”?

Hands up!

But wait! If you’re a female who has heavily invested in the makeup industry, let’s talk about your makeup. Did you know that 95%+ of makeup manufacturers really don’t care about the chemicals you’re putting ON/IN your body to disrupt your hormones?

Why would they actually care about your health? The unhealthier you are, the more cosmetic products you will need to hide your skin imperfections and dark circles under your eyes from the chemicals messing with your sleep schedule/hormones!

Speaking of hormone disrupters, we definitely cannot forget about the hair products! Gels, mousses, creams, and hairsprays. Oh the aerosols! Mmm, breathe in a healthy load of chemicals to go with that morning coffee.

What other morning routines do you have that I am forgetting? List them below in the comments!

Next we move to getting into your car to head to work, school, wherever.

Do you have antibacterial hand sanitizer right next to your seat? Do you like the smell or do you just have it because it’s suppose to kill “all” the germs you come in contact with at the grocery store or gas station? Trust me, I use something WAY more effective to kill my bad germs & it DOES NOT build up antibiotic resistance!

Next you smell that “amazing” car freshener hanging from your vent or rearview mirror. What is it? Tropical or forest scented? More chemicals! Yay!

You get to work, or the gym, or wherever you’re headed, and 20 feet away you smell a man heavily loaded with a lavender smell. His wife loves him. She also loves lavender. What she doesn’t know is how much the chemical industry has taken over her 1950’s “clean” laundry soap. It’s been a gradual process. Most people don’t even realize that their asthma, anxiety or depression is actually building up more and more from their laundry detergent and, *GASP*, the MOST TOXIC thing in your home… DRYER SHEETS!

So you’ll be next to this lavender smelling chemically dressed man for the next 30 minutes. Yay! But luckily the smell fades over time/you become used to the smell.

How many chemicals have you been exposed to now through direct and indirect contact?

We’re still going through your MORNING routine!

I’m going to stop there and have you apply moisturizing lotion to your hands. Let is sit for 30 seconds. That’s all the time it takes for the ingredients to penetrate your skin & enter your blood stream. After 20 minutes, everything has circulated through your ENTIRE body.

You get the picture. You begin understanding how large corporations have changed our microbiome in way where we have become living death cells.

Meaning your cell cycle has become irregular. A normal cell will die then your body will get rid of it. But what’s happening is your cell is dying and staying IN your body and replicating that death cell.

This can create MANY undesirable results on the body.

Ever heard of Leaky Gut? This is where bacteria and toxins “leak” into your body through holes in your gut. Almost EVERYONE is currently dealing with this condition due to our toxic living conditions.

Yep, that croissant just leaked its gluten into your bloodstream. Oh, and if you think gluten is bad (not all gluten is horrible!), we’ll cover that in another blogpost.


Through eating fresh, organic foods, using non-toxic cleaning products, exercising, supplementing and detoxing regularly, you can find your health again!

This sounds like a lot, but if you break it all down over the course of a year or two, it’s SO MUCH easier to do!

Maybe start with replacing all your cleaning products and prescription medications. Then begin replacing cooking spices & foods with organic ingredients. If you’re not one to exercise, maybe consider adopting a dog to get you out of the house & breathing in fresh air.

If you’re in decent health, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend completing a whole body cleanse.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, I will be holding a 30-day cleanse + restore Facebook event where I will post information on what you may be experiencing each day of the cleanse.

To get started, contact me to purchase your Cleanse + Restore kit.

I would love to have your testimonial after the cleanse!

Remember that this is a WHOLE BODY cleanse. If you’ve never experienced a cleanse before, you’re body will GREATLY appreciate it!

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