6 Areas You Should Detox in Your Home

Visit a grocery store on any given day and you’ll see an entire aisle (if not two or more!) full of chemicals ranging from window spray, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, air fresheners, candles, drain cleaners, etc.

How is it that these harmful products can be sold in thousands of stores? Why don’t these stores ban these toxic products? Why are we as consumers still purchasing products that are making us sick?

Ladies & gentlemen, two words: Large Corporations.

If we are to change our future to make our family’s lives healthier and our world brighter, we must start with changing our buying habits. Consider your pets too! Visit my post, “Doggy-Blues or Worldwide Health Crisis?“, to learn ways to help your pets.

I would love for you walk the store aisles to analyze all the cleaning product ingredients, but who realistically has time for this? Not this mom!

Instead, you can go to EWG.org and type in the household products to find out how toxic your product actually is.

Here are 3 pretty common products I searched on EWG.org:

"Pure" Detergent
“Pure” doesn’t mean lacking in chemicals.
Air "Toxic"-Fresheners
See that line at the bottom? How is this legal to sell??????
Ajax "Respiratory" Blend
May want to consider cleaning with essential oils…

A rule of thumb in our household: If you can’t touch it without gloves, it shouldn’t be brought into our house.

Everything that touches the skin gets absorbed into your body within 30 seconds and circulates the entire body in 20 minutes. Think about your environment.

How toxic has our households become?

Did you know you are exposed to more chemicals in ONE day, than your great-grandparents were in their ENTIRE lifetime? Crazy, right?

Let’s go through areas the areas of your home where chemicals may be hidden.

  1. Bathroom

    Shampoo, conditioner, toilet bowl cleaner, antibacterial hand soap, hand sanitizer, makeup (eyeliner, mascara, blush, foundations, etc.), hairspray, hair gel, perfume, nail polish & remover, shaving cream, drain cleaner, window cleaner, shower spray, air fresheners (plug-in & sprays), lotions, sunscreens, toothpaste, deodorant, & mouth rinse.

  2. Kitchen & Dining Room

    Dishwasher pods, dish soap, antibacterial hand soap, oven & stove cleaner, all-purpose cleaner (bleach & clorox aren’t as effective as essential oils!), fruit & veggie sprays, fluoride in water, air fresheners, candles and hand sanitize.

  3. Living Room

    Candles, air fresheners, furniture polish, window sprays, and all-purpose cleaners.

  4. Bedroom

    Candles, air fresheners, essential oils (CPTG essential oils are not on this list!), window sprays, all-purpose cleaners, incense, & moisture absorbers.

  5. Laundry Room

    Laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets (so, so toxic, I’ve included a link for you to read more), wrinkle spray, & stain removers.

  6. Garage

    Weed & grass killer, bug repellant, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, spray cans, paint, and the list could go on and on… I really don’t know what some people keep in their garages!

So now what? Are you going to go through your entire house & throw out all your cleaning products? You’re health would thank you!

Now you’re wondering where can I replace almost EVERYTHING on the list above?

1 word: doTERRA.

doTERRA offers a ton of essential oils to use in place of toxic chemicals for cleaning. If there isn’t a product, doTERRA offers a recipe to make it! For example: dishwater pods.

You’re thinking, “Yeah right. Essential oils are just a pretty smell. They don’t actually clean!”

Hmmm… have you tried using essential oils for anything other than a pretty smell? I challenge you to try them. And not the “pure” essential oils from Target. Those bottles of synthetic agents belong on the list above.

Here are some products from doTERRA that you can use to replace the toxic products mentioned:



Ready to make the change? Head over to the Essential Oils page to learn a bit more & Contact me when you’re ready to start living the life you’ve only dreamed of living!

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