How To Change Your Gastrointestinal Health

With September 2018 coming to a close, I began to reflect on my past year. I look into the mirror and see color to my face. My arms are stronger now than they have ever been. The white hairs on my head have lessened. My eyesight has begun to sharpen. My teeth & hair have become stronger. My skin clears with every single day. I have gained the much-needed 15 pounds.

This past year has been a year of awakening. A year of extreme growth in all areas of my life. A year of new opportunities. A year of new friendships. A year to set high expectations for my future, focus on the present, and learn from my past.

Never in a million-gazillion years would I have expected to experience as much pain & suffering as I did last September.

I discovered my “Why.” My life purpose. The reason for my existence.

This months marks 1-year of making the best career decision of my adult life.

I joined forces with a powerhouse of a company. A company so giving and environmentally friendly. So motivating. So inspiring. A company that shares my values about changing our planet, healthcare, and quality of life.

This company does not advertise. They believe people who have stories, like me, deserve to be compensated for sharing their products. Why give millions of dollars to a TV station to promote their products, when they can be giving this money to well deserving people to pay off their mortgages, credit cards, cars and loans? This company cares about you. About me. About the world.

Can you guess what company I am referring too? It’s a multi-billion dollar debt-free, faith-based, healthcare company. They are the equivalent to Apple in the healthcare industry. No company grows to this size in 10 years unless they have products that actually work.

I can look back on this past year and be very grateful to have joined forces with a company shaking up the healthcare system & finding natural solutions to help millions of sick people feel great again.


If you would have asked me 1 year ago if I would ever join up with a direct sales company, I’d laugh at you and say there were no companies out there that actually cared about me or for what I believed in. I like to think I’m a very practical person. I spend money on quality food and experiences and everything in our home is second-hand or has been gifted to us.

The gift of time is something very powerful. More powerful than any tangible object. When I give classes, I want to spend quality time with the people in my class making sure I answer every single question. Their health is important to me. If I can extend the power of time someone has on Earth just by giving them a simple product from our planet—I have succeeded. If that person shares that power with just one other person—I have succeeded.

My goal is to rattle the modern healthcare system & revolutionize the future so our future generations don’t just grow—they thrive. Our environment matters. Our world matters. The human race matters.

If the current healthcare system has failed you, your loved ones, your neighbors, children, etc., please contact me. I freely give out all my knowledge. THIS is my life mission. My “Why.” My Purpose.

I do what I do because you are loved.

May you always Live Gut Healthy.

Many blessings!

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