What To Do With Sick Pets

As a former dog-sitter, I can tell you that the diets of dogs have changed DRAMATICALLY over the years. Dogs used to eat kibble straight from the grocery store shelves with no thought to the ingredients. Companies were trusted to have provided the best nutrient-rich foods to provide optimal health for your pets so they could run happy and free all day long.

Ingredients have changed. Dogs’ emotions have changed. Health issues are on the rise on all spectrums in every single animal fed conventional foods. Essentially dogs and other pets are having the same, if not worse, health problems than humans.

Below is a 10-minute video account, from mostly veterinarians, who are witnessing a health crisis in our beloved pets. PROTECT OUR PETS FROM GMOs AND PESTICIDES.

After watching the video, I encourage you, if you or your pets are having health concerns, to step back and look at your current eating habits. Genetically modified foods are everywhere and the companies who develop the altered foods are doing so purely for human profit monetarily. God created the Earth perfectly. If we as a human race are to fight back against these companies, the best way to do so is by avoiding their products. Every single product.

Have you ever hard of glyphosate? If not, I had no idea either until last week! Think weed killer—highly toxic. Maybe you use a small container of weed killer around your house and have the bottle sitting in your garage or shed. If it’s strong enough to kills weeds, think what else it may be killing… ruff, ruff.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen, while for our beloved pets, the WHO states glyphosate does causes cancer in their little fur baby bodies. Ummmm… what?! Besides the obvious, how are we any different than “man’s best friend”?

So a little background on glyphosate. Glyphosate is a herbacide and crop desiccant. A crop desiccant means that a farmer will spray the herbacide on their crops shortly BEFORE harvest. Mmm let’s just add a little dash of chemicals to our food BEFORE we consume them, BUT not put the chemical on the ingredients list for when the food is sold in stores.

Why might the farmer use glyphosate? A couple reasons may be to take care of the weeds for future plantings as well as speed up the harvest by ripening the crops sooner. What are the main crops effected by the use of glyphosate? Oats and wheat. Staple ingredients consumed several times a day by our pets in their food bowls.

You may be wondering, “Gosh, if I’m currently killing my pet, is there possibly anything I can do to reverse the damage done?!”


Start a new GM-free diet immediately. Toss out the toxic “food” that’s making your fur babies sick. You may also want to consider the use of CPTG essential oils (dirt) to help calm your pets’ nerves in the process and help relax them. Clean up the toxins in and around your home and I can’t stress this enough: get rid of your cleaners, conventional laundry detergents and especially dryer sheets! Opt for natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar and use those amazing wool dryer balls with a couple drops of your favorite smelling CPTG essential oils.

With all this in mind, please consider your own health. We’re not too different than our pets. If you have the time, please consider watching this very shocking and educational documentary about the use of GMOs: Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives. If you’re an educator, please consider sharing this video with your students. Our future is in their hands. If their hands are all in hospital beds by the time they’re 3 years old, how can they help contribute to the future of this world?

Please eat responsibly and question everything.

Many blessings for a Happy Healthy Gut Life for you and your fur babies!

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